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Facilities Maintenance

Principle can do more than just design, manufacture and install distinctive branded environments; we also maintain them to ensure you always give customers the right first impression.

We provide high-quality, cost-effective facilities and property maintenance services on both a planned and reactive basis, with our network of repair specialists on standby to quickly and effectively deal with clients’ issues.

Our capabilities stretch way beyond the support of branded signage, graphics, displays and counters originally supplied by Principle.

We also offer a variety of additional services to retail chains, banks, office complexes, car dealerships and public sector organisations, including maintenance of audio and access equipment, queue management systems, health and safety signage, fabric and lighting, along with commercial cleaning and restoration.

For full details of our comprehensive maintenance services, please get in touch with Principle.

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Principle's maintenance services ensure branded environments stay in presentable shape.
Principle can maintain branded environments in retail chains.
Principle can maintain and repair interior and exterior signage.
Principle's network of repair specialists can respond quickly to problems.
Principle's maintenance services include repairing and cleaning signage.
Principle can maintain and repair any sort of branded environment.
Principle supplies signage maintenance services.
Principle can repair and maintain signage without causing major disruption to clients.
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